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There were three festivals. The first one took place in Moscow in 2004, the second was in Moscow and St-Petersburg in 2005, in Finland and in four cities of Russia in 2006, although there were not specific concert halls suitable for noise festivals either in Moscow or in St-Petersburg and in other countries. As every other kind of arts the art of noise creates with the help of all assistant means the only one thing, that is Harmony. It was beautiful time. I smile when I remember those festivals :) Many artists from different countries took part in them. Those were festivals with their specific atmosphere and climate that you wanna keep in memory. The new festival will show what has been changed in the world, whether the musicians have changed or nor or maybe the surrounding world has become more friendly and loyal to noise subculture. The time will show and will answer all questions!

Thank you, artists!

Thank you, audience!

Thank you, all the people who helped!

Thank you, organizers :)

Thanks all very much!

Gosha Solnzev (1g0g)




Kryptogen Rundfunk

participants of the last festivals:

Mizry & Knut  (RUS)
Sub Figura + Svalbard  (RUS)
Kaet  (RUS)
Noises Of Russia  (RUS)
Hladna (RUS)
Jianseits (RUS)
Entrance to Exit (RUS)
Zaubertote (RUS)
2012 (RUS)
Bardoseneticcube (RUS)
Boevie Zikadi (RUS)
onopolka (RUS)
InterNoise (RUS)
Nega (FIN) 
Me and Marta (RUS)
Kryptogen Rundfunk (RUS)
RemoteBand (RUS)
Arhiteatr (RUS)
Dadazu (RUS)
Porch Nap (RUS)
Ritual Front (RUS)
Changes (USA) 
Allerseelin (AVS) 
Rajfajh (RUS)
Potroha (RUS)
Zvl (UKR) 
Cyclofillydea (RUS)
Lunar Abyss (RUS)
Anthony Pateras (AUSTR) 
Robin Fox (AUSTR) 
Membranoids (RUS)
Sadkarma (FIN)
Kosmodrone (RUS)
503 (RUS)
Noz w Wodzie (RUS)
Radiokatve (FIN)
Pugna (RUS)
VJ Zimbal (RUS)
Ganzer (RUS)
Maa (RUS)
Boneheads vs Hotdogs (RUS)
Grun (FIN)
Aleksey Borisov (RUS)
Pal-Secam (POLAND)
Sinialtto (FIN)
Pain Nail (FIN)
Sperm Haters (RUS)
mr. Evil (RUS)
VJ Poloka (RUS)
GZSI  Petersburg  "Izolenta"
Haeretici 4o47 (FIN)
Flower (FIN)

Thanks you big!



Robin Fox




Noz w Wodzie

Boevie Zikadi