about festival


In the coming festival 
Noise vs Glamor'09, 
via www.electro.noises.ru 
Electricindustry will 
sound CD-R and DVD-R video 
festival tour in 2006.  
You will be able to buy 
during the festival.  
The festival will be organized 
sale Disk participants 
of the festival.
Soon there will be a festival 
collection On CD and DVD 
watch news.
For now the Finnish friends from
project ALAMYSTO have let out
the festival collection.
this collection included projects
which participated in
festival in Helsinki on October, 14th. The perfect collection. In Russia you can reserve it on the Internet on Zhelezobeton http://zhb.radionoise.ru or to buy it in super shop Dalina Bartanga (St.-Peterburg) or at concerts experimental music. In Finland you can to reserve it on www.alamysto.com participants of the collection: ALAMYSTO (fin) HAERETICI 4o47 (fin) SINIAALTO (fin) GRUNT (fin) PAIN NAIL (fin) RADIOKATVE (fin) SADKARMA (fin) FLOWER (fin) NOISES OF RUSSIA (rus) HLADNA (rus) BARDOSENETICCUBE (rus) MONOPOLKA (rus) 503 (rus)

CD-R  vs.