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Noise vs. Glamour '09

From March to May 2009 will take place the 4th All-Russian non-profit Festival of Experimental Music Noise vs. Glamour '09. This year festival expands its geographical coverage. On October March and May the masters of experimental music from the different countries will rush along the route Izhevsk-Kazan-Moscow-Petersburg-Yarogora-Orel-Dnepropetrovsk - Krasnodar - Novorossiisk - Kaliningrad etc., making stops in every city for one-two concert days.

The need of expansion is evident. The festival which partly succeeds to the Moscow "Noise & Rage" festival doesn't have counterparts abroad. Its Russian institutors don't put an emphasis on exotic music, as for example at Norwegian festival "All Ears", where you can see a mix of genres and styles, including ethnic and jazz music, circus electronic and funeral music. Neither they put it on ideologic-and-mythological action, which is in the spotlight of Russian and European dark scene, industrial scene, apocalyptic scene festivals nor on the work with musical standards, such as blues, free jazz, punk rock or heavy-metal. In the limelight of Noise vs. Glamour festival is noise music a genre that has got unlimited creative facilities and is in full flush now, attracting attention of audience.

Noise vs. Glamour presents all known styles of noise music from musique concrete to drone and demonstrates a wide range of modern soundmaking methods, including frequency generators or live music. At the noise orbit, like as at the orbit of big planet, you can see rotating elements of ritual, social revolts, art-performance. All performances will visualize by video-installations masters video art.



In manifests of overpast festivals we wrote: "Both noise and glamour cover with plastic shreds the depth of existence" or "Both noise and glamour attract the eyes of profanes with the radiant smile, behind which there is permanent darkness". Today we want to add, that noise swallows glamour up and there are no other relations between them. Thus and so all attempts to narrow geographical scale of this event are imprudent and fruitless. Noise lives in all friendly and unfriendly places, overcoming all artificial obstacles; it lives not only in Moscow, Milan, London, and Paris Obninsk, Izhevsk, St-Petersburg, Manchester. It lives here, there and everywhere. If you disagree with this, you don't feel a life.

There is no doubt that music and noise aren't opposite concepts. Somebody could contradict us that music is a harmony of sounds and noise is absence of harmony, that is its extreme disharmony. However we insist, that sound harmony doesn't mean only tonal harmony like in traditional music, whose musicality is created by alteration of a pitch of a tone. Each audible sound whether it is noise of machines, whisper of leaves, human speech is in fact music. Music that consists in beauty and power of a sound, that is free and isn't attached to the tone, melody or rhythm.

Comparing with the composers of the past the modern authors look like strange, fantastic creations, who make disassembled and re-assembled reality to sound. Dreamers of the end of XIX and beginning of XX century can triumph: the element of music isn't limited by technical capabilities any more. Formerly you needed expensive equipment for making music, now you don't and music become a real popular art. And from a huge mass of musicians are showing up the best ones, and from them the best ones again Best of the best of our noise scene you can see atNoise vs. Glamour festival.

Anna Gurko & 1g0g






These musicians have such sensitive ear that they can hear the words of the objects, the speech of alive and dead towns, the music of roads, of the wars in inner and outward spaces, of forgotten and new myths, of human wishes and emotions, of our losses, life and death, of mechanical and natural. All surrounding world is a wood full of sounds for them. And only those who have got a will for impossible can hear a true harmony, which is breaking through a thick mass of this sound, can hear a breath from ultramundane spheres and transmit it to audience.


The festival piece together academicism, traditions, avant-garde, therapy, enlightenment, thinking about the main goal to demonstrate the new trends in noise electronic music.

The impossibility of commercialization of the festival is shown in its name: Noise AGAINST Glamour.

Noises Of Russia